Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Edition: Fight Like a Frenchie!, Comics



As you all know, Benny needs some help with his medical bills. Mayor Madi has proclaimed JULY 7th through JULY 20th. as Benny's Buddies time... and you can join in.
You all know how Ben and Lil LOVE to play GAMES. So we thought that YOU could come up with some sort of GAME that your followers can play... SOMETIME(s) during those two weeks. And you can figure a way for them to PAY to Play... We hear that BINGO is going to be offered by Oskar (from PBU.)
AND ERNIE and I are going to put on a RAFFLE fur a couple of Items.... THIS one will be special since it will NOT pay directly into Benny's Http:// account... I will be willing to have you SEND PAYMENTS Directly to ME... and I will get them to Benny when they are all in.. (that way those from other countries or those who do not do any payments electronically will be able to help our BUDDY out)...
Here are some other possible games that YOU could chews from..
Game of Life Ants in your Pants Hungry Hippo Chutes and Ladders

Connect Four Go Fish DICE Old Maids Clue Pictionary Monopoly
Of course it would be up to YOU to choose one of these or come up with some OTHER game that you know of... and to make the RULES and Set the $$$$ fur thingys...
You can have your Followers make their Payment Directly into the Go Fund Me account and that will get Benny the $$$ Instantly and YOU would not need to have a chip in or Pay Pal thingy... It will be EASY PEASY... Just CHEWS a GAME and put your rules together... an stuffs like that... and Post it on ANY (OR ALL of the days JULY 7 through JULY 20th..)

Now if you have somethingy that you would like to RAFFLE OFF... you could do that through YOUR BLOG also. You would NOT have to have it set up like MINE will be... where folks will send their payment to YOU...
We just want to HELP our dear furend. Join in by HOSTING a GAME or a raffle or some other thingy that you might want. Ernie and I are not "IN CHARGE" we are just the ones who came up with the Idea for BENNY's BUDDIES... All we ask is that you PLEASE do this during the dates JULY 7-20 so that we are all together on this.. It gives us time to get our ideas put together and ready to go by JULY 7th.
Cancer has not played fair with our furend... butt we can Play some Games to help him out.
Let's have some FUN fur BENNY and get some FUNDS fur our BUDDY while we are at it. THIS is the Blogville WAY.... We HELP our furends when they need it.   





  1. OMD OMD a SPECIAL EDITION of the Blogville Chronicle... and I DO mean SPECIAL.
    THANKS fur putting it out fur all of your LOYAL READERS.
    Fight Like a FRENCHIE, BENNY!

    Love the comics too.

  2. Great addition! Fight Fight Fight Benny.

  3. So kind of Frankie & Ernie and all the others who are helping Benny. We're rooting for him!

  4. Great issue of the Chronicle today! We're planning to pawticipate with Frankie and Ernie and do whatever we can fur poor Benny

  5. Frankie & Ernie and all the others who are assisting Benny. We're rooting for himChallenge coins