Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Edition: Column Coming Soon!, Mayoress Madi Interview, Comics


     Ruthie Editor-in-Chief here! Thanks for picking up this edition of the Blogville Chronicle!
     A very dear pet blogger will be writing a column for the chronicle. The doggies and kitties of this family are smart, creative, fun and grreat furends! They have had lots of experience with the newspaper business considering their involvement in the Mouse Breath paper of the Cat Blogosphere. Namely Jan's Funny Farm!! The funny farmers would like to create a column with the purpose of a meet and greet! Sooooooo do any of you know a pet blogger that would like to be featured? Maybe even you?

     Let us know!! Just click RIGHT HERE to go to Jan's blog and leave her a comment letting her know!

Ruthie, Editor-in-Chief


Hi Mayoress Madi,
      It is a great honor to be interviewing the first Feline mayor of our great community, Blogville! Now I know our readers are desperate to read your answers to these interesting questions. So let’s begin shall we?

      1. First off, how has your first term as Mayoress been going for you?   My term has been going very well and it is all because of Mayor Emertius Frankie.  As you know his mayoral office was for the good old boys…kind of rustic, outdoorsy, smelled a little woodsy with a hint of wet pups.  Bless his sweet heart he and Sarge rolled up their sleeves, used some elbow greased on the beer and cheetos spots on the carpet.  Being boys the world is their potty but lo and behold they installed a very stylish litter box with bling. They put it behind a beautiful artsy screen for privacy. 

       2. Our furst mayor was the honorable Frankie Furter. What wisdom did he pass to you along with the occupation of mayor?  Frankie’s advice to me was do not eat anything in the corners that you cannot identify…..

       3. Recently there has been some trouble, shall we say, in Blogville. Sarge, the Chief of Police, was brought to court by the infamous Hands. They charged him with one count of biting. Your ruling, most fair and honorable Mayoress Madi, was that he is “not guilty by reason of majority rules”. In your report to the citizens of Blogville you recorded that the Hands were squashed by Sarge’s supporters. Tell us, did they survive?  The hands barely survived…Seems they learned a very valuable lesson….get all the facts before you start accusing Blogville’s Top Cop of taking a bite out of crime.  I’m convinced the hands had been making meatloaf shortly before the incident , forgot to wash themselves thoroughly and well Sarge is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. 

      4. I have noted that you have been reading a book entitled The Diva Book. My furst conclusion was that you must have written the book yourself. Is this true?  Well actually my assistant is the one to ask about the picture with me and THE Diva Book.  I told her she needed to be very careful when she was using her so called ‘creative license’!!  I hope and purr she is not charged with plagiarism or defacing public property.  That book was really a novel from the library…she  WROTE ON IT.

      5. If not, would you consider one day writing a book on diva-ness?  I would consider it…because it is a know fact that I have an opinion on everything and I will freely share it whether or not I’m asked. 

      6. Changing topics, what is your inspiration & motivation as mayoress?  My inspiration is, in spite of my Diva-ness, to serve Blogville to the best of my ability…or as they say pay it forward.  When I started to blog….there were so many very helpful and friendly people who helped and encouraged me.   My motivation is to leave kind and encouraging and fun comments and always be positive and return the  kindness and friendship I have received

     7. What was your mom’s last crochet project?   Mom and I are on the organizing committee for the Pet Bloggers Mall.  If you aren’t familiar with we’ll  give you a link at the end…to read all about the exciting things going on.  Mom recently completed two scarves that will be used as part of a prize package for the Logo design contest.  Now Mom is working on a baby afghan for here very best friend’s very first Grandchild.  She is very excited about this too.   Link to  Pet Blogger Mall:

      8. As a diva what annoys you the most?   I’m most annoyed by folks how do not know how to curtsey/bow when I meander into a room on little soft kitty feets. MOL MOL MOL MOL MOL  I am actually considering an online course in Diva manners.

      Ruthie thank you a ton for asking me to pawticipate in your great interview series.  You are great report and correspondent!!! Keep up the good work.

      Thank you Mayoress madi for your insightful answers! Blogville loves you dearly and is proud to have you as Mayoress!


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  1. Editor Ruthie,
    There is nothing better than sitting around reading the BLOGVILLE CHRONICLE with a nice cool cup of Water. What a fabulous way to start the day.

    Mayoress Madi's interview was FABULOUS.

  2. Excellent edition!! We love the interview, Mayoress Madi is such a diva. We have to remember to courtsey and bow when she walks into the room next time!

  3. Hey Ruthie!
    Wow, this is another great edition of The Chronicle! Thanks so much for including Madi's answer about The Hands. BOL They learned a lesson fur sure! Very nice interview and I love the look of your post.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  4. We love the Mayoress Madi interview. We interviewed her once and didn't realize we were supposed to courtsey when she walked into the room. Oops.

    Thanks for mentioning our upcoming column. We look forward to some reader participation!

  5. Great interview, Ruthie and kudos for getting such a high profile interviewee :)

  6. Love the interview with Madi-very thought provoking and comprehensive.

    We also love the jokes, too.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. Another fabulous edition of the Chronicle!

  8. Wonderful issue with Mayor Madi today