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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday: Nola's Announcement, Echo's insights on Alaska


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Dachshund Nola


Alaska. A wonderful place for me to play in!
Woof! I am an Alaskan collie called Echo. I really want to share all of Alaska's Beauty. Where do I start is the question? I know! Eklutna Lake!

Eklunta lake is a lake surrounded by mountains. Woof! One of them is called Bold and one is called Twin peaks because it has three peaks! I did say three by the way. There is a trail leading up a neighboring mountain. It is called Twin Peaks climb. Woof! According to Kate it got called a climb for a reason! Woof! It is 2.5 miles up and 2.5 miles down. It is a great climb! At the top there are some great crowberrys and a steep hill with a few bushes so I can play! It is really fun because I can eat snow in July! It is so great there! There is a hard bench at the very top of the climb! It is a nice climb with a great view at the top. Kate, CK, Val, Dad and I love it.

There is another trail called the Lake side trail. It is about seven miles to the end and seven miles back if you do the whole trail. So far I haven't done it yet, but it sounds great! Woof! Kate trys to edit out my woofs, but I add them in again. Woof! There is a really short trail from the campsite which doesn't have a mileage sign. Once they saw a bear at the end. Woof! That must have been exciting! Woof! Woofity-woof! I wish I had seen it! I would have told it to go away! Okay, maybe not. I would have tried though! Woof!

Now what should I tell about next? I know! Derickson bay!

It is a 90 minute boat ride from Whitter, and a 60minute drive from Anchorage. On the beach you can see a glacier called Nellie Juan glacier. It calves and produced ice burgs every day! Woof! According to Kate baby seals are raised on them! According to her they are so cute. I prefer running around. Kate will now do a quick report of other stuff to see while I go off and do something! Woof!
"Hello readers. This is Kate here. I am going to tell you about some of AK's beautiful scenery which Echo hasn't seen. It is a great place to kayak and there are nice beaches with gravel on them, white sandy beaches with flakes of Meca ( fool's gold), rocky beaches, grassy beaches and beaches with plant on them. From all of them you get a wonderful view of the ocean and mountains. Beware! Do not swim in the ocean. Anything with iceburgs in it is cold! There is a beach in deep water bay which everyone calls the white sand beach. It really is white! it also has little flakes of fools gold. It is quite pretty and soft, and there is a river running by it. Echo hasn't been there because you have to get dropped off by a boat, or kayak to get there. Also in Deep water there is a gravaly beach which Ck and I nicknamed "Perfect Beach". It is Perfect because it is nice to play on, read on, eat on, tide comb on, and there is small little water falls. Echo also hasn't been there."
Woof! I'm back! I just had to jump on the Grand Piano! Woof! Now back to the subject! Woof! It has a nice rocky beach, which Kate is prone to hurt her ankles on. Woof! Sometimes Iceburgs wash up on the beach! They can be really scary sometimes, when you haven't seen them before! Woof! You can also watch seals and otters! Woof! That appeals more to humans than it does to me though. There are also porcupines there. I tried to jump on one! I am never doing that again! I was stupid clever enough to see it was a threat and kept on jumping on it! Woof! There is also a large population of small black birds which I call Peeping birds because I don't know the name and Kate won't tell me. She has a contest sometimes on one of her blogs, and she want to use it as a question on it. Woof! Anyway, Peeping birds sometimes practiced luring enemy's away from their nest, and they needed something to practice on. Woof! I, being helpful, volunteered for the job. The only thing I had to do is chase them when peeped. Woof! It helped the young Peeping birds practice flying and distracting. When they get tired and have to land, I go straight past them and chase the other ones. Woof! It's quite fun, when you follow the academy's rules! I love derickson Bay! Woof!

Woof! Now what next? Maybe, Yes! Woof! Kenai! I have only been there once, but it was great! We stayed in the camper for a week and Val and Master went down somewhere, and they were saying it was a beach! When I got done there, t was great! I tried to pick up a yummy fish-head and eat it! Woof! They didn't let me though! Uh-Oh. I don't think I should have said that. Uh, I think Kate's about to say something. She is looking quite cross while she typing right now. I will flee! Now! Kate! Don't put me outside! Help! Woof!
"Kate here. again. I am a little cross with Echo because he told me he had just eaten a rotten fish-head. Ah. He has just unlocked the door and come back in. Or that is what he has used told me."
Woof! Outrage! I will seek revenge! Soon! Woof! Now I have to explain more about kenai! It has a large amount of Salmon! Yum! On my 3rd day there, Aunty M and Uncle A showed up! Yippee! I was so happy! They stayed with us until the last day! Woof! I am so happy they came! Woof! That is about all I know about Kenai! Woof!
Woof! Now I will tell you about Campell track! It is where I skijour in the winter with Kate! It is super fun! Woof! When I skijour, I get into my harness, get into the truck with Kate and Master, get out at Campell track, or Chester creek, and then I pull Kate for a few miles! Kate says next year it will be ten! So I will run at top speed for ten miles while pulling Kate! Fun! Woof! That is all about Alaska which I know of! Woof! Perhaps next Year I will do another article of the new places I have gone! Woof! Bye!

By Echo the puppy.

Typing, human information which has been put in and editing by Kate.
All other info by Ck, Val, and Dad!
Moral support by Kate, CK, Zoey and Razzy.
Harsh criticism by Kespsey( My Worst enemy).

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wesdnesday: Olympics, Doggie Health, Comics, Chickfila


Listed as "Ongoing":

Schedule Graciously stolen from Sarge's blog...BOL!


Taken from The Glaucoma Foundation
August 2012 E-newsletter

Did You Know That Dogs Get Glaucoma?
Not only do they get glaucoma, it is a leading cause of blindness in dogs. There are two forms, primary and secondary. The primary type is hereditary, breed specific, and is not caused by other diseases. Primary glaucoma occurs in many breeds of dogs, including the American Cocker Spaniel, Basset Hound, Chow Chow, Shar Pei, Jack Russell Terrier, Shih Tzu, and Arctic Circle breeds (including the Siberian Husky and Elkhound). Primary glaucoma is rare in cats.
It usually starts in one eye, but ultimately both eyes are affected. It occurs 3 times more frequently in female dogs and most commonly between the ages of 5 and 10 years. The key to having the best chance of preserving vision is early detection, excellent owner compliance in treating the eye(s) daily as prescribed, and regular ophthalmic examinations.


Come and Play!

You know what happened to the last guy  who yelled 'MUSH' at us?