Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday: Ask Finnackles, Garth Riley's Contest, Award, Pet Blogging Games


I have a question fur you Finnacles... My brother, Ernie.... seems to love me... too much. He is always kissin and sniffin me and gettin in my face and wantin to lay REALLY close and he FOLLOWS me EVERYWHERE.. I have NO PAWsonal space!! ????? WHAT can I do to make him ADORE me a little LESS????

Love, Frankie

Dear Frankie -

This is a tough one.  I wrestled with this question for a while.  I wrestled with my squeakie toy, I wrestled with my Pops, I wrestled with my blankie.  Tough question!

I came up on a couple of suggestions.  For immediate relief, spray your bum with that GROSS spray that my Momma used on carpets for me to stop chewin'.  Then Ernie won't be able to get his face too close to you beclaws he won't want to sniff or taste that.  Butt, that also means that you can't sniff yourself for a while either!

OR you could wrestle him to the ground and make him cry out mercy!  That's what my Momma said her older brother did to her when she was getting annoying.

OR you can get one of those GATE things, and make sure he stays put behind it for a little while. 

But, in the end, he just loves ya!  Doesn't that make you feel good and warm and cozy inside?  And even though he is annoying right now, one day when he grows up a lil bit, he will become more independent and won't be needing you all the time.  And then you can say what a cool lil bro you have!  And then you do stuffs together without him sniffing in your business.  It won't be long...I am still a mere young pup and Momma says I have a mind of my own so Ernie can't be too long behind!



Two days ago our good furend, that handsome hunk of a Lab, Garth Riley announced his first Silly Photo Contest! There will be prizes but most importantly Garth wants to make people smile :) What Lab doesn't?

Categories include Pure Silliness, Technology Enhanced Silliness, and Local Silliness. Each category will have three winners!

For instructions on how to enter please see the above link.


Last week Garth Riley presented The Blogville Chronicle with The Sunshine Award!

Thanks Garth!

The rules are as follows:

1. Answer 7 questions
2. Pass it on to ten people
3. Let them know they received the award

Now I, Ruthie Chief in Editor, have already answered these questions on our other blog. So I will let Turkle answer them. Turkle is the only reptile in our K-9 Katastrophie pack.

Take over, Turkle!

1. What is your favorite number? My favorite number is 2 because I have two girlfriends!                 
           They are crabs: Shelldon and Beachnut

2. What is your favorite nonalcoholic beverage? Green Slime.

3. Facebook or Twitter? Neither. Can you see a Turtle tweeting like a bird?

4. What is your passion? I love the Lord Jesus with all of my little turtle heart! Besides this I am constantly trying to improve my mind by reading books such as Franklin the Turtle.

5. What is your favorite pattern? Tortoise.

6. What is your favorite day of the week? Monday! That is when my Crabby girls post on their blog :)

7. What is your favorite flower? Water lilies.

We pass this award on to: YOU! Each and every one of our readers!

Shell Flakes,


A Grand new site has opened up that will help us keep track of the Blogville Olympics and other games in the future: Pet Blogging Games! This website has tons of information on the events that will take place during the Olympics so you can easily view them and decide what you want to participate in! The schedule of events is posted there as well.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday: Give-Away Winner, Ask Finnackles


To make the give-away winners random we calculated how many entries each furiend earned and then we assigned them the appropriate amount of numbers. For example, if you earned 3 entries you might have been assigned numbers 43 through 46 or 95-98 etc. Or another example would be how the first blog we assigned numbers to earned 5 entries thus they had number 1-5. They had 5 entries into the give-away. See what I mean? In total there were 100 entries. We went to a random number generator online and asked for a number anywhere from 1 and 100. And then we asked again. The winners are:

44. My Dogs Love Me
97. Rubie a Miniature Schnauzer

To the winners: Please peemail us your addresses to k9katastrophie(AT)gmail(DOT)com

Thank you all for making the Chronicle a success!!!

Ruthie Chief in Editor


Dear Finnackles,

My boyfriend Remington is a Newfie so I am very partial to that breed. Do you think it is possible for a large Newfie and a little shih tzu to find love?? We are doing very well so far and I have great hope for the future. I would love your opinion.

Loveys Sasha
Dear Sasha,
Oh I can see the appeal to the Newfies - all that fur, so much to love, so calm and gentle, your boyfriend must be grrrrreat! I am sure that a Newfie and a shih tzu can stay in love despite the difference in size. While I am partial to other doggies who look like me, we are all doggies and we have been known to mate with different ones. Does Remington treat you well? Does he buy you squeaky toys and leave you smelly peemail? Does he write you poems and take you for long runs through the dog park? As long as he loves and respects you, and vice versa, there should be no problems looking ahead.

Keep us posted on your relationship, we'd love to hear from you again!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday: Ask Finnackles, Random Felines, Announcement


This question comes to us from Garth Riley:

Dear Finnackles -

I think my mom is obsessed with Newfoundlands.  She simply LOVES Newfs.  Whenever Newfs walk by, she stops and stares.  She has friended lots of Newfs using MY facebook page, and she spends hours staring at their photos.  What should I do?

Dear Garth Riley,

Who are these Newfs that she has befriended on your page?  I believe you need to establish a "dog control" on your facebook page so you can monitor your human's activities there.  I think Sarge (COP) might be able to assist you in this, as he is accomplished in all sorts of online patrols. 

Now, as far as her stopping and staring when one walks by, make sure you grab your Momma's attention SWIFTLY when this happens and using a CUTE BEHAVIOR.  Do one of those fancy "tricks" they always seem so pleased with when we perform, and wag your tail rapidly.  Position yourself in between her and the Newfs so you BLOCK HER LINE OF VISION and her attention is only focused on you.  Make one of those adorable faces and remind her that you are her #1.  You can do the same thing when you notice her sitting and staring at the computer pictures too!

Keep us posted dear friend, and please let us know your progress...


Dear Tank,

You seem to think I am a male.  I am in fact a female.  That's why I wear a pink collar normally.  I apologize for not answering your question to your satisfaction, as I am not well-versed in interior illumination.  I am a dog, not an electrician.  And why are you trying to change a lightbulb anyway?  You don't have thumbs!  This is also a LOVE COLUMN.  Sheesh.   



The wonderful mom of the Random Felines cats rescued 6 kittens and a momma cat.

I, Ruthie Chief in Editor, Interviewed her:

1. Please share with us the story of how you rescued the 6 kittens and momma cat:

We live in a condo association. Mom found a note in our mailbox a couple of weeks ago saying one of her neighbors found kittens in her window well. Mom went over to check and the babies were VERY little. She left a note for the neighbor saying she would prefer to leave the kittens with their mom until they were bigger. Well, momma cat got spooked and moved the kittens - TWICE. So, last Tuesday, mom decided she didn't want to risk the family disappearing, so she grabbed a crate and a live trap and went over to the patio where momma cat was staying.
    Mom grabbed the kittens by hand (after shooing the momma cat off - she wasn't happy with mom) and then set the live trap for the momma cat. Momma cat was trapped about 30 minutes later and taken to be spayed before being put in a crate with her kittens.

2. What aspect of this experience has given you the most joy?

Most joy? Making sure the momma cat is spayed and won't have more kittens. While we wish we could find her a home like ours, she is wild and is better on her own. But, the babies will have forever homes and Allie (momma cat) won't have to worry about having litter after litter of kittens.

3. What advice would you give to people who want to rescue animals/cats?

Advice? Ask questions of people who know more. The more you learn, the better equipped you are to help. And don't be afraid to fail - it is going to happen. We have had several kittens not survive, but we hang on to the successes and also to the fact that even the kittens that run for the Bridge have known love and safety and had a name.

4. Anything special you would like to say?

Rescuing is hard - but so rewarding. Mom has met some great people. It could be easy to be bogged down by the numbers or the stupidity of people. But, she has a saying "I can't do everything, but I can do something". Keeps her moving forward.

-Random Felines (Maestro, Tim, Tom, Mozart, Ivy, Spud & Junior)


Give-away is now closed. We will randomly pick 2 winners and announce them on the Saturday chronicle edition.

If you subscribed by peemail please let us know asap if you want to be entered into the give-away!

Milk-bone milkshake to you,
Chief in Editor Ruthie

Monday, June 18, 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday: DIR, Dear Finnackles, Olympics & Special Announcement

Last Saturday a family that rescues and places Dachshunds into their forever homes lost their house to a fire. Thankfully, the family escaped to safety and managed to save 4 dogs. However, 14 Dachshunds didn't make it.
The parents are both in their 60s and are on social security. They are in need of anything that can be sent their way. Their clothing needs are: boys large shirts, 34 x 30 pants, size 11 or 12 men's shoes; size 14 women's clothes and XL men's shirts and 38 x 30 pants.
For donation information please visit the Dachshund Idaho Rescue Facebook page.
Here is a chip-in for DIR in case you would like to donate money:

What's Her Name from Dachsies with Moxie has announced that she will be making two quilts to send to the family. She is looking for any willing pups or cats, birds, horses, donkeys, crabs or turtles (Or whatever species you are) to send her 8x8 squares of fabric.

Thank you for sending in your questions!  Momma and I had fu-un working out the answers.  Let's take them one atta time.  Here we goooo....

Frankie asked: When Ruby and Penny and I celebrate our SECOND YEAR of Wedded BLISS... what would be a good pressie fur them? Should it be TWO of Something? OR One thingy to Share? or TWO DIFFERENT thingys entirely?

That's a good question Frankie.  I know women, and I know we DO NOT like to share gifts.  So I wouldn't get them one thingy to share.  Now, I did some research, and the second anniversary is the year of cotton.  You know what has cotton in it?  BIG STUFFIE TOYS.  So, I would get each one of your wives a big stuffie toy.  The bigger the better.  And if they squeak, EVEN BETTER.  And a love note to each.  That smells like something foul that each can roach in.  That would be the ideal 2 year gift.


Tank asked: I'd like to know how many dogs it takes to screw in a light bulb.

(NOTE FROM CHIEF IN EDITOR RUTHIE: Let's keep questions a little more dignified, okay Tank?)

This is a tough one.  Simply because I had no idea what a light bulb was before you asked.  Tank, you are one smart cookie because Momma had to show me what a light bulb actually looked like. 

I had to sniff one out, as you can see here. 

You know what I concluded?  Leave them in the boxy thing.  Don't screw them in anywhere.  This way, we can play with them in the boxy thing.  That's much more fun.  Who needs instant light?  I like to doze off in the dark. 


Wow, that was fun.  Keep sending in your love doctor questions and until next time...


Fri. July 27th. OPENING Entertainment Extravaganza, Parade of Athletes, and Short..Speech
Sat. July 28th. Window Nose Art / Snot Smears

Sun. July 29th Crazy Sleeping SINGLES
Synchronized Sleepers
Bouncing...... Narrative Style

Mon. July 30th Cross Neighborhood Walkabout
Catch me IF you Can

Tues. July 31st Gymnastics
Couch Potato Peeling

Wed. Aug. 1st Tongue Curling / aka the Raspberry
Critter Stalking

Thur. Aug. 2nd Stick (s)
Pole Jumping

Fri. Aug. 3rd. Marathon Chewing

Sat. Aug. 4th. Tuneful Farting
Keep Away

Sun. Aug. 5th Equestrian
Camera Avoidance Tai Kwon Do

Mon. Aug. 6th Synchronized Peeing

Tues. Aug. 7th. Free Style Zoomies
Roaching and Rolling

Wed. Aug. 8th. Squirrel Hurdles
DRAW your Peeple
Snack Sack Race

Thurs. Aug.9th. Boxing
EXTREME Weather Sports

Fri. Aug. 10th. Turbo Track
Snoopendous SniffAthon

Sat. Aug. 11th. The Great Tennis Ball Tournament
Bathtub Wrestling

Sun. Aug. 12th. Closing Ceremony


Every Species is welcome!!!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday: Lennox, Boxes, Love & YOU!


Today we report the sad and heart-breaking news of Lennox, a Pit Bull/Lab mix that is going to be murdered simple because of his breed.

Two years ago Lennox was seized from his loving family and thrown into a dog "prison" simply because he looked wrong. He never showed aggressive behavior throughout his life but the Northern Ireland Chief Justice announced yesterday that Lennox will be put down. Naturally, this leaves his family heart-broken. One member of his family, a young girl, is no doubt feeling the full weight of such injustice.

Her plea:
A Daughters Plea

Yesterday the Save Lennox Campaign posted:

"Lennox’s Family Will Release A Statement In Due Course Once They Have Had Time To Absorb Today’s Ruling By Chief Justice Girvan. The Family Kindly Ask All Supporters To Remain Calm And Dignified As Always In Their Response To Today’s Sad And Very Wrong Decision By The Northern Ireland Chief Justice."

We are all very heart-broken.

The Troublesome Trio posted this video on their blog. It is so moving we decided to post it too.


Coming soon, our dear friend Finn will be posting a column in the Chronicle. It will be advice for the lovesick.

But it isn't possible without YOU!  Does your heart beat wildly at the sight of another? Do you have any questions? Are you seeking advice?Ask Finn!! Simply click on the link above and leave her a comment! Or you can leave a comment here!


International Box Day is approaching! It is being hosted by Zoolatry and Chronicles of Woos. If you would like to pawticipate in this fun event simply post pictures of you with your boxes on Tuesday the 19th! For more information click on either of the above links.

For more information on current events please visit The Blogville Community Calendar.

Do you have news? Would you like to write an article or be featured? Please email us at k9katastrophie(AT)gmail(DOT)com!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!!

Welcome to the first edition of The Blogville Chronicle! To celebrate we will being hosting a give-away. Simply follow the newspaper and leave a comment below. You will be entered to win a surprise! There will be one winner. And the surprise will be chosen according to the species of the winner ;)

And if you give us a shout out on your blog we will give you 2 extra entries into the give-away! Please let us know if you do!

Onto the News!

Upcoming/Current Events

First Blogville Olympics

Last Tuesday Blogville's honorable Mayor Frankie declared our very furst Olympics! This event will open on July 27th and will last for a total of 15 days. There will be many exciting events hosted by wonderful blogville members. Just some of the events included will be Gymnastics, Swimming, Synchronized Peeing and Marathon Chewing. 
There are currently 2 available badges for this special event.
Mayor Frankie is currently looking for a few more willing paws to host various events.Please click on above link to visit Frankie's blog for further information. 

Do you have news? Would you like to write an article or be featured? Please email us at k9katastrophie(AT)gmail(DOT)com!