Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday: Winner, Ask Finnackles, Interview of a Goose, Posie


We randomly wrote down the entries on paper with a number. Then we went to a random number generator and put in the numbers.

And the winner is GOOSE! Congratulations Goose you won a copy of The Fitzy Resolution!

Now this book is available in paperback and on Kindle! Click HERE to purchase from Amazon! Currently the Kindle price is $0.99 or free to borrow for Prime members and $7.99 for paperback!


Hi Finn, I have a romantical question for you: Furst off, my boyfurend is Neeko the Yorkie.

I am absolutely crazy about him! He even took me to Hawaii one time! The problem is this: I miss him because he doesn't blog very often. What do you think I should do? I'd never leave him! I absolutely love him! But how can I get him to blog more frequently?

Licks from your Boss (BOL!),
Chief in Editor Ruthie

Dear Boss Lady,

Thank you for writing!!  I too have a boyfriend who does not blog very often. Since you are madly in love with him, why not write about how you'd like to see him more in Blogville and then send him an email with the link to your words.  I am sure once he sees how you are feeling, and how you can profess your love for him to the world, he will join us more!  He will not be able to resist the lure of your sweet poetry!  Ask him to give you what you need-a photo every once in a while, a special Friday night chow chow dinner, or a card with his scent on it.  He will say yes!

Good luck to you-let us know how it goes!



 Thank you for joining us here today, Goose.

Oh it is my pleasure to be here.  It's my pleasure to be anywhere.  I was also told there would be snacks.

1. Furst off I would like to ask you what life in the pulpit is like. Please describe your mom’s job from your point-of-view.

Life in the pulpit, like anywhere, has its ups and downs. MOM is always saying "sit up Goose."  Lay down Goose."  It's an everyday thing.  But from my point of view it is pretty great.  I get to go to work with my MOM 3 or 4 days a week.  And I meet all kinds of people and you might find this surprising, but I meet a lot of doggies.  Dogs seem to know they are welcome at the church.  Whenever someone comes to see my MOM or they just stop by and I am not there, they ask, "Where's Goose?"  MOM says they are pretty disappointed if I am not there.

 How do I see my MOM's job? Hummmm.  Well that's difficult to describe.  Sometimes she is like an office worker.  Then other times she is a counselor, shepherd, gardener, youth worker, artist, cook, speaker, consultant, cheerleader, shepherd, comedian.  Well you get the idea, her job involves so many things, which is great for me cuz I get to experience a lot of different things. But if I had to narrow it down my MOM is a servant and a shepherd.  From my point of view it's a pretty great gig

2. What is your favorite praise & Worship song?

Another tough one. There are so many meaningful and paw clapping good ones.  I'd have to say "Hold Me" by Jamie Grace. It reminds me of me and my MOM and at the same time it's a wonderful song about our relationship with God.  I also like "Jesus Rocks and Rolls my Blues Away". Oh dog you should hear how our church band does it. They play it in this rockin/blues way that will get any dog or peep up and movin' and smilin'.

3. What does sneaky have to say about the serpent in the Garden of Eden?

Oh Sneaky Snake knows the story.  He's a little upset about the whole thing.  He says if that Serpent in the story had behaved himself he would be walking on legs and not eating dust on his belly.   I try not to bring it up to often cuz Sneaky gets a little upset.

4. Tell us what your favorite Bible verse/passage is and what special significance its meaning has in your life.

John 15:5, "I am the vine you are the branches.  Whoever abides with me and I in him [or her], this one brings forth much fruit, because without me, you can do nothing.” I just know that apart from Christ I do not live to my full potential and there is no way I could do, or bare the kind of fruit, that I otherwise could with Jesus.  I also think it is a beautiful example of the relationship we have with our Creator.

5. What is your favorite book of the Bible?

I'd have to say Ephesians for the New Testament and Habakkuk for the Old Testament.

6. What is your relationship status?

Oh I have many relationships, many many.  It's just not right to have one or very few, that would be sad.    I have a relationship with my MOM and her friends and all those peeps at church.  Oh then there are all the relationships I have with my friends like Bert, and Baci, Logan, Murphy (big and little) Stanley, Jamie, Cooper.......  HUH?   Oh, you mean "RELATIONSHIP".  Well I do have a special gal pal.  Her name is Belle.  She is a beautiful Golden, both inside and out.  We have had many backpacking adventures together with our peeps. She is very special to me.

7. What are your favorite treats?

Well they are all pretty good, I gotta tell you. My MOM calls the "yumies". I guess I have two, peas and cherry tomatoes.  I love them fresh out of the garden.  I even pick them myself.  MOM planted my very own plants in big pots on the patio.  But she always shares with me from the big garden.  Oh OH and I love deer jerky.

8. Do you have any dewclaws? If so, how many?

Nope I dew not have any dew claws.

9. How did you get your name?

When I rescued my MOM when I was 6 months old (I'm over 12 now)  I came with the name.  Well actually my full name is Sir King Goose the III.  I came from a long line of Gooses.  My litter mate’s names were Featherless Goose, Lady Goose the III, Flying Goose, among other Goose names.  MOM was not sure if we would keep the name Goose.  But I helped her make the decision to keep it.  When I wanted to get her attention or wanted something or wanted to play I would "Goose" her.  Yep give her, and other peeps, a little goose on the butt with my nose.  hehehhee.

MOM and I were meant to be together, no doubt about that.  While I won't go into all the details I can tell you that I have helped my MOM live.  See sometimes she slips into these things called comas. It's very scary.  She becomes unresponsive and if she does not get help or takes some meds to bring her back to consciousness she would just slip away. That's where I come in.  I can sense when this is happening and I alert her. I have never been trained to do this, I am just that connected to my MOM.  If she is sleeping and it happens I jump up and down on the bed, whine, bark, lick her face, try to pull her out of bed by her hand.  I keep this up until she somehow manages to take the magic medicine to make her OK.  No doubt about it, we were meant to be together.
Thank you for asking me to do this little interview, it was fun.  Now where are those snacks?  I was told there would be snacks.

Hey everyone! Don't forget to submit your photos for the Olympic's Parade of Athletes!!

Today's the last day!
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  1. I would likes to see more of Neeko too! Tells him da Puddles said so.

    What a splendid interview withs Goose! I thinks it is so neat hows he helps his MOM...and to think he was nevers trained is mind blowin...goes to show you da connection we dogs has to our hoomans. I just loves Goose and his MOM


  2. What a great post! We learned soooo much about Goose. He is one amazing man!!

    Lily Belle

  3. Great post today as always. We don't comment a lot cause we have trouble with our internet and it takes so sosssssssssooooooo long to get the comments up, but since Goose is my best friend, I just had to tell you what a nice interview that was. He is a cool guy.


  4. Wow, what a great edition! Congrats to Goose for his big win and the wonderful article. Gosh, I sure hope he got his treats! I hope that advise is helpful for Ruthie's beloved.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Athlete

  5. Great interview! We learned a ton about Goose!

  6. Great advise for Ruthie. He surly can not resist. I WON??!! Holy dog could this day get any better? Well maybe just one way, you know the snacks.

  7. I'm so happy to read these interviews of my fellow Blogville residents! Goose, it's just amazing how you help your mom. My grandma has similar problems, but not quite as skeery bad, and my Aunt Kaitlin always knew when it was about to happen and helped her through it. She was never trained either. Some dogs are just extra special!

  8. Brilliant interview with Goose. Loved it. Have a great Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Super Advice Finnacles.

    Wonderful Interview Goose!!!

    I LOVE the Blogville Chronicle!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS on winnin the BOOK, Goose!!!

  10. Oh wow, I didn't know much about Goose until this interview. I like the part that all of them were name Goose!

    And congratulations on the Book.

    By the way, Ruthie. I never knew that you are one of those gals who had a bloggy boyfriend. Maybe I should pair Peanuts with someone else.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  11. That was a wonderful interview with Goose. What an amazing story. Sometimes we are just meant to be with someone and Goose sure is meant to be with his Mommy. Goose and Bert do such wonderful things to help people, they are my heros.

    Loveys Sasha