Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday: Ask Finnackles, Independence Day


Dear Finnackles,

My name is Peanuts and my indoor pack is composed of Chooey and Haopee ( the human). We have a potty problem.

I and Chooey share the same potty spot. And although Haopee cleans this diligently, I no longer want to potty where Chooey potties because it used to be my spot. So I pretend to make accidents pottying outside the spot and Haopee would get mad at me because I've "deviated" from perfectly doing it inside the spot to intentionally doing it elsewhere. 

Is it just me or should us doggies not share the same potty area?

Your Fan,

Dear Peanuts,

Thank you for being a fan!!  I am a big fan of your blog too.  I thought about your little situation during my potty breaks these past few days.  In my house, Momma and Pops have a command for me to go.  Honestly, they say "wee wee" to me and I go wee wee.  They say "poops" to me, I go number 2.  I generally go each way in the same place every day, but I don't have to share that spot with another pooch!

I would ask you this - when you go outside of your spot, does your human get real mad?  Does she ignore you?  Does playtime come to an abrupt end and you are brought inside?  I dunno about sharing my spot with another pooch, but when my Momma tells me go, I know she means business, and I go!  Then I get the good treats and the extra playtime and the long long walkies and all the human love.  And that's what I want.  Well, and I want HER to think she is still the boss of me, so I gotta do what she says sometimes. 

I hope this helps buddy!



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  1. We've got three of us here and we don't have a special spot--except for the small grassy areas inside the fence.

    XXXOOO daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Woof! Echo here... Just wanted to say my secretary is working on the article about AK. I think it is turning out ok. Echo. Woof!
    typed by Kate

  3. Woof, just an idea... You could do reviews about Petf iction theater movies or some one else could. I am bad at reviewing, or I would do it. Echo
    Secretary: Kate

  4. Woof! Question to Finn:
    Woof! Hi! I am Echo, a Alaskan Puppy, and there is a girl do next door. She is really nice and playful, and I don't know how to act around her! I like her a lot, and I need you advice!
    A confused Puppy,
    Could You let Finn know about the Question? Woof! Thanks! Echo.
    Secretary: Kate

  5. We hope you had a lovely 4th July.
    Best wishes Molly