Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday: Book Review & Giveaway, Puddles Interview


I, Ruthie Chief in Editor, was recently contacted by Dr. Allen DeSena about reviewing his novel entitled The Fitzy Resolution. Naturally, I was excited and with enthusiasm told my secretary and mom to say yes. Although Dr. DeSena said he was going to send me a hard copy of the book we went ahead and downloaded the Kindle version to get a head start reading it. I must say that we were immediately drawn into the book! In fact, it was one of the best books we have ever read!

The Fitzy Resolution is about an incredible Yellow Lab named Casey. Casey is a senator in the Central Canine Government and fights for what she believes to be right. At the beginning of the book, Senator Labrador-Casey hears about several Yorkies that have gone missing. This will not be an easy investigation for her since another government official, Beagle-Juniper, is fighting for control and using illegal means to achieve his purpose. Amidst the confusion that Juniper and several other characters are causing lurks the danger of the Fananas (Wolves) and nameless vermin (rats etc.). Will Casey survive the danger and manage to solve the mystery?

In this book you will meet delightful characters such as Cooper the Golden Retriever, Sasha the Siberian Husky and an Irish Wolfhound who is one of the, as referred to by a committee of cats, “ Fanatics”. We also meet the Bulldog Police, The Rat Terrier Squad and The Grey hound Couriers. On the dark side you will meet the legendary fananas (wolves), a sinister Cocker Spaniel, and an Italian Greyhound with big ideas.

This book touches on the sad subject of dog-fighting and my favorite part is when the tortured dogs are avenged.

Throughout the book we are also introduced to several Wilds or stray dogs. The Canine Government and the Wilds do not get along. However, by the end, Casey is introduced to some Wilds and she enacts The Fitzy Resolution for the betterment of all dogs, including strays. Casey will also learn that not all “vermin”are bad and that not all humans are good.

Note from Ruthie's Mom: I wish human government officials were as good and honest as Casey!

This is a great thriller/mystery but the best part is how it is in the view of dogs! Dr. DeSena opens the world of dogs with insight including fantasy and research. Many times throughout the book I looked at Ruthie and thought: So that’s what you have been up to!”

This book is great for the Blogville Community because of the deeper message: Treat your pet as you wish to be treated! This is something we all agree with I am sure! It is important not to let your attention get distracted by the world and technology because your pet will suffer as a result. This book made me think about how I need to spend more time with my pets and less time on the computer, playing video games and watching movies.
I need to take a deeper look at my priorities.

Now because I am so crazy about this book I personally am hosting a give-away for it! Simply leave me a comment and we will randomly choose a winner!
(Winner limited to within the USA)

Now this book is available in paperback and on Kindle! Click HERE to purchase from Amazon! Currently the Kindle price is $0.99 or free to borrow for Prime members and $7.99 for paperback!


We 3 Doxies

Thanks for taking the time to answer a few of my questions Puddles!

Why thank you and it’s good to be heres today.

2. What are your measurements?

Short, long, and perfect

3. What is your favorite pastime besides drinking beer and eating Cheetos?

I likes to hunt!

4. What is your beauty routine?

Is dis a serious question?  Oh Okays I answer it anyways…
Da only beauty stuffs I do is brush my hairs cuz it do be very important to has the mall in da correct places. Don’t wanna look like a furball.

5. Do you ever pee in the house?

Shhhhhh…well sees, I has dis little issue.  I tinkle when I gets excited.
It’s not a pee but a tinkle, there is a big difference ya knows.

6. What do Albert and Whitney call you?

Oh I can’t repeat what they calls me cuz it is a bad word

7. I have heard that you have a train. Please tell us about it!

YES I does has a train and it be very loud but I likes it. Me and brudder tries to chase it when it comes by. But there is a fence so we hasn’t caughted it yet.

8. If you could go anywhere in the world what place would you like to visit?

Duh, Germany…da mudder land from wheres I comed from.

9. What is the Kerazy Lady’s best tip on how to take doggy photos?

Bwhahahahaha…tips really? Nope, her has none cuz I just likes to has my picture taken so I is good when da camera comes out…oh yea, treats work too.

10. If you could buy anything from Petsmart what would it be?

Oh dats easy, I would gets Mayzie a Jenny Pig cuz her has always wanted one but her mom won’t let hers.


  1. OMD OMD..... I just finished my copy of the Blogville Chronicle. It took TWO bowls of water to go through it... beclaws I like to SAVOR my reading. Super EDITION!!!! Just SUPER..
    Furst beclaws you will NEVER believe this one... I (Frankie Furter) just received MY copy of THE FITZY RESOLUTION to read and REVIEW... and after READING YOUR REVIEW... I CAN NOT WAIT...
    Dr DeSena says that I can do a Prize Pressie thingy with MY copy, TOO...
    NEXT I loved Puddles' interview. That girrrl answered all the questions like a REAL PAWlitition. She IS the Governor you know.
    You really do Bring out the tuff questions when you do an interview. VERY WELL DONE Ladies. MOST informative and IN DEPTH..
    I can NOT wait fur the NEXT Interview. WHO WILL IT BE???? SOOOOO many Choices in Blogville.

  2. OMD I would live the book! Grrrreat interview too! Excellent edition!

  3. Wesa have been on a bloggy break until recently with Lily's surgery and all. Mama's Children's Literature class ends in a few weeks...and she has been reading a few of the books aloud for us'uns to enjoy, too. Wesa would love for her to read us'uns this one aloud! Please do enter us into the contest...AND we luvs the interviews yousa been doing. They are super interestin' and stuffs.
    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    ( <- our new blog addy
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

  4. We hate dog fighting but the book sounds good.

    What a neat interview. Sounds just like Puddles when she's not being interviewed. :)

  5. I love the book already, because the lead has the BEST name! BOL. It sounds super interesting, and Momma and I would love to have a copy for her to read to me.

  6. That sounds like a super book.
    Loved the Puddles interview. She really behaved herself, did you drug her first.

  7. That book sounds so good. Mommy wants to read it and she is checking into it. She loves to read all the time. I can never learn enough about Puddles, just when I think I know her, I find out something new. Thats what is great about having a pal like Puddles.

    Loveys Sasha

  8. Oooh! I think even Austin could read that book! He might learn something :)

  9. What a stupendous job with the Puddles' interview! Will have to get the book from the library- glad that you are doing book reviews too!

  10. Great book review! I am in the middle of reading my copy to review. It is a very intriguing book. what a terrific interview with Puddles! :)

  11. I think you did well to get Pudds to be that serious! Deccy x

  12. I never knew that Puddles wanted to go to Germany. But it kinda makes sense cuz not only is it the mudderland, it has BEER!

    And how pawsome is it that my BFF wants to get me a Jenny Pigg? Sigh. She's just the BEST!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  13. OMDs that was such a great interview with puddles.. I had no idea you were doing interviews until you asked me. My assistant has been up to her elbows in Oympic pics. She promises to read more news to me