Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday: Ask Finnackles, Dogs Scouts of America


Woof! Hi! I am Echo, a Alaskan Puppy, and there is a girl do next door. She is really nice and playful, and I don't know how to act around her! I like her a lot, and I need you advice!

A confused Puppy,


Hi Echo!

Thanks for writing!!  I understand you've got yourself a pretty lady next door!  This is an exciting time.  Try to get yourself outside for a walkie when she is being walked.  Go up to her and sniff in her ear and ask her to go for a run.  Leave her some peemail in her yard so she can think about you during the day.  I know it is the pits, but maybe take a bath before you go over so you can look your best-get yourself brushed and glowing and make sure you flash her your big pearly whites.  Can you see into her yard form your house?  Maybe give her your best pose in one of the windows where she can see ya!  Ask your peeps if she can come over for a doggie play date.  When she comes over, make sure to have a big bone there for her, or maybe some extra treats or a new toy for her to play with.  Remember to be yourself and I am sure she will be falling for you fast!



Did you know that dogs can become scouts? Yep!

To become a dog scout you have to pass a test that requires the completion of several achievements such as not eating tasty food which is right next to you and being friendly when strangers pet you. When you pass this test you get a "vest" and will be eligible to earn badges to put on it!

However, you human can still join Dog Scouts of America with you and participate in activities even if you are not an official scout.

If a troop is not located near you and you wish to join or become certified you can join the closest troop and attend meetings whenever you can or even not at all! To become certified you simply submit a video of yourself completing the achievements!


  1. What great advice for Echo, as always, you seem to have the solution for everything. I did not know about scouting but that is pretty cool. Thanks for the information.

    Loveys Sasha

  2. I would love to be a dog scout.

  3. Wow, dog scouts sounds like fun!

  4. Wise words for Echo! Have a great Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. I didn't know there was a dog scouts! Very cool!

  6. Do they have a special Paw Shake and a secret Growl?

    I have a question for Finnacles:
    Dear Finnacles, When Ernie and I work TOGETHER to Gut a Stuffie... Who should get to chew up the Squeaker? Ernie ALWAYS thinks that HE should. Butt I think we should SHARE and take TURNS. OR if it is MY stuffie I (Frankie Furter) should get the Squeaker and if it is Ernie's Stuffie.. we should take turns with who gets it. What do you think?