Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday: Olympics, Comics


And there off! The Extreme Exotics, Winning Whales, Splashing Salmons and the Mighty Minnows are swimming their hearts out today! Visit Sarge's blog to see the Swimming Event!

For a relaxing afternoon with free tacos stroll on over to Jazzi's blog and take in the beautiful Nose Art Masterpieces!

Our feline furends are hosting some pawsome events too!



Thursday, July 26, 2012

Special Edition: Inubar, Ask Finnackles, Comics

Hello Everyfurry! This is Ruthie Chief in Editor and we wanted to let you know something! We were contacted by Inubar and they asked us to give honest feedback on their online store! FYI: I am not recieving anything free to give feedback or write this review.

Sooo, I went to their store website and asked to be invited to see it. I got my inivte and then browsed the store! They have some really pawsome products!

Their speciality is making cool doggy products! And I must say they do look cool!

I made mommy buy me a cute octopus toy!

Jax and Bones Elton the Octopus

Cute, huh?

Well guess what! They made a special 10% off code for all of us!

The code is: RUTHIE

*BLUSH* I have never had a 10% off code named after me! Shipping is currently only $5 for your entire order!

While I am awaiting my toy I hope you will check out this cool store!

This is their mascot, he is so cute! His name is Puff!

The founders of this store have a real desire to create dog supplies that are good for dogs. Mommy is excited to find toys for me that don't contain any bad chemicals!

My octopus is chemical-free, 100% eco-friendly and naturally dyed!

We give this store four paws up!


Woof! I need Finn's help! Woof! Here i the 2 part message to Finn:

Dear Finn,
My Cat friend, Kepsey, is nice. But his claws are to sharp. Woof! Whenever I try to play, he scratches me! Woof! It hurts! When I sit by him, he scratches me! Woof!


Dear Finn.

I am Kepsey. I will tell you about Echo. When he comes by me he hits me with his paw. It hurts. He wanted me to speak to you about this problem, so here I am. I do want to be friends with Echo. He just tries to chew me. We need help.


Dear Echo and Kepsey,

OUCH!  Seems like there is a lot of scratching and biting and nipping and hissing happening.  I am so glad that you both want to be fur-ends!  I would suggest a truce!  Kepsey, next time your Momma does the laundry, carry off a white sheet or a white t-shirt.  Claw it down to a white truce flag.  Echo, run and get a nice big stick.  Get that flag on top of the stick and mount it in the yard.  Next time you guys are playing and feel the urge to use your claws, remember the white truce flag you made together!  Then from there, use your claws for a common goal (and not on each other) like pawing the human's new furniture or chasing the squirrels, you know?  I am sure you can do it!  Send us in a picture of that flag and let us know how it goes!



Funny Animal Captions - It's Not Very Realistic

funny dog pictures - How is this fair?

Funny Animal Captions - See What You've Done, R. Kelly?

funny dog pictures - I iz gitting hairz ebrewhere!  Muh Ha Ha Ha Ha!

funny dog pictures - Bob demonstrates safe running as he signals for a left turn.

funny dog pictures - I caught THIS fing peeing on yer rug

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday: Ask Finnackles, New Comic Section


Hi - my name iz Shiloh. I’ve got a problem an’it haz gotten bigger (at leest tue me) b-cuz I’ve dun nothin’boutz it. A furry much sweet Beagle-lady sed she wood like tue b my gurl if I wuzn’t taken. Well I iz butt it haz bin a little while since she asked an’I feel really bad that I hazn’t told her yet. Sum of the problem iz cuz my mom haz bin hoggin’the ‘puter BUTT sum of it tue haz bin I just didn’t know what tue say I mean I iz flattered an’all that sweet Beagle-lady wood even ask me butt like I sed, I iz taken Oh Miss Finnakles – can u tell me what I shood due? I eagerly await your answer.

Dear Shiloh,

Thank you for writing!  Sounds like you are in a bit of a pickle.  I think the best thing to do is to come clean with the bea-gal!  Be honest, and tell her you are FLATTERED that she would like to be your girl, but that you are sworn to another.  Apologize for not getting back to her, because I am sure it took her a lot of COURAGE to ask you to be her man and she may be wondering if her fur just doesn't smell right or doesn't look right cause you didn't answer her.  She might be looking at herself over and over again in the reflection of the backdoor just tell her.  Go visit her in the backyard one day and tell her you are taken, but you'd like to get together at the dog run every now and again and still be fur-ends if that's okay with her.

OR maybe you would like TWO girlfurends?  Is that a possibility??  A whole 'nother can of worms.  Or jar of peanut butter.  Or bone of rawhide.  I'm hungry.  Good luck to you and let us know how it goes!


Our wonderful and brilliant Mayor, Frankie, suggested the Chronicle post a comic section! Thanks for the idea Frankie!

Funny Animal Captions - Always Knew Lions were Sell Outs

Funny Animal Captions - Anteetrz NEBR get sik

Funny Animal Captions - Someone's Trying a Little Too Hard

Funny Animal Captions - And dem bwowneez?

funny dog pictures - Magician's Dog

funny dog pictures - Nope nuthin in dere  R u sur? I herd sqeaking

Funny Animal Captions - Forward-Facing Frog

funny dog pictures - While the optimist and pessimist argue over whether the glass is half full or half empty, the opportunist sneaks in and drinks it.

funny dog pictures - Goggie GIF: Did you say WALK???

Tip-a-ckle Box-ur

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday: Interview with Madi


Thank you for letting me interview you, Madi.

1. Today I want to get at the core of your diva-ness. So furst I want to ask you how you got your name. 

Oh Ruthie that is a very good question!!  Mom and Dad said it was easier to pick out a name for my human sister than it was to pick out one for me...Evidently that was the start of my diva-ness. MOL  Mom wanted to name me after the first vet to give me a check up.  Her name was Dr. Clancy.  Dad said I was too sweet and petite to be named Clancy… he said that sounded like a policeman's name.  Then the thought of Cinder and Gracie because of my gray furs...but that was nixed too.  I was listed as Kitty M on my cage at the adoption center.  So they decided to name me something starting with an full name is Madison because mom thought is sounded fancy.  They shortened it to Madi.  HOWEVER, Mom said if she had waited a few days she would have noticed that I was indeed a Diva and probably named me Diva. MOL I bet you are sorry you asked that question.  FYI:  I'm a Southern kitty and we Southern ladies never answer a question in less than 10 sentences.

2. As I understand from a famous photo of you, you are superiorly soft. I think my lady readers would like to hear more about this. How do you achieve this? Was it something you were born with?

When Mom and Dad brought me home they just knew I would be a short haired kitty but alas I fooled them.  In no time it was obvious I was going to have a very thick birthday suit.
Mom started getting me accustomed to brushing very early.  I absolutely adore being brushed...another Diva trait.  Every evening at about 8ish I stand by the end table where Mom keeps my brush and of course if she doesn't pay immediate attention I give her a good tongue lashing.

3. What is your beauty routine? 

A. I must get at least 22 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep...and that is hard to do around here.

B. Of course my brushing by Mom.  I do a very good job of keeping my furs clean, washing behind my ears, in between my toes… and of course I wash the nether regions...thoroughly.  Mom says I don't do a very good job keeping my eyes clean so she has to do that.

4. How does a girl develop that air of command that you embody?

MOL I'm purrty sure I was born with it...although Mom tries to take credit for it. She says she spoils me ROTTEN.

5. What does a queen like you eat for breakfast?

My diet is as follows: Promptly at 6 am

My filter water fountain must have fresh water in it every morning,
Mom watches my waist line like a hawk.  She divides an itty bitty can of Fancy Feast into 6 sections. I get one of the sections in the morning...I especially like all of the seafood flavors.
I also get 1/3 of a cup of Purina One for Senior kitties... (I am 10 you know and that is considered Senior). 

6. What is your favorite diva snack? 
I am a creature of habit and routine...EVERY evening between 7 and 7:30 (depending on when Mom takes her shower) I receive 6 or 8 Whiskas or Natural Sensation treats... yes Mom counts the itty bitty treats.  Dang that woman and her obsession with my waistline.


7. Now you are well known among the dogs in our community here in Blogville. How do you, as a cat, feel about this?
My very first blogging friends were dogs.  I felt very honored that they would treat me just like one of the K9s.  Every single one of them have been super duper extra especially nice to me.  Mom and I love all creatures great and small.  Actually I have a K9 to thank for my home.  Mom said Toto, the mighty mini Dachshund, who was the first family pet 37 years ago, paved the way for all the family pets.  She actually says that compared to the first family feline, who evidently was defective, MOL, I have about 95% Doxie-tude. I am nothing at all like their first cat. MOL I'm unique!

8. What does your mom call you when she is mad at you?

Ahhhhh Ruthie I'm a cat I do no wrong...

9. What do you call your mom when you are mad at her?

When I'm mad at mom I call her MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM and I threaten her with demerits

10.  What other diva tips would you like to share with us?

A.   Let it be known early on what is required in order to keep you happy and accept no substitutes
B.    Do not tolerate lazy humans
C.    Always make the two leggers come to you
D.   Never give up a good sleeping spot...well unless you are physically manhandled and moved against your will....if that happens jump on their bladders in the middle of the night
E.    Last but not least always be thankful for your 2 leggers even when they do not do everything you ask 'cause they love you unconditionally and you should return that love.

Ruthie thank you for this very fine interview you are absolutely a first class professional reporter and of course you are my BFF,

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday: Winner, Ask Finnackles, Interview of a Goose, Posie


We randomly wrote down the entries on paper with a number. Then we went to a random number generator and put in the numbers.

And the winner is GOOSE! Congratulations Goose you won a copy of The Fitzy Resolution!

Now this book is available in paperback and on Kindle! Click HERE to purchase from Amazon! Currently the Kindle price is $0.99 or free to borrow for Prime members and $7.99 for paperback!


Hi Finn, I have a romantical question for you: Furst off, my boyfurend is Neeko the Yorkie.

I am absolutely crazy about him! He even took me to Hawaii one time! The problem is this: I miss him because he doesn't blog very often. What do you think I should do? I'd never leave him! I absolutely love him! But how can I get him to blog more frequently?

Licks from your Boss (BOL!),
Chief in Editor Ruthie

Dear Boss Lady,

Thank you for writing!!  I too have a boyfriend who does not blog very often. Since you are madly in love with him, why not write about how you'd like to see him more in Blogville and then send him an email with the link to your words.  I am sure once he sees how you are feeling, and how you can profess your love for him to the world, he will join us more!  He will not be able to resist the lure of your sweet poetry!  Ask him to give you what you need-a photo every once in a while, a special Friday night chow chow dinner, or a card with his scent on it.  He will say yes!

Good luck to you-let us know how it goes!



 Thank you for joining us here today, Goose.

Oh it is my pleasure to be here.  It's my pleasure to be anywhere.  I was also told there would be snacks.

1. Furst off I would like to ask you what life in the pulpit is like. Please describe your mom’s job from your point-of-view.

Life in the pulpit, like anywhere, has its ups and downs. MOM is always saying "sit up Goose."  Lay down Goose."  It's an everyday thing.  But from my point of view it is pretty great.  I get to go to work with my MOM 3 or 4 days a week.  And I meet all kinds of people and you might find this surprising, but I meet a lot of doggies.  Dogs seem to know they are welcome at the church.  Whenever someone comes to see my MOM or they just stop by and I am not there, they ask, "Where's Goose?"  MOM says they are pretty disappointed if I am not there.

 How do I see my MOM's job? Hummmm.  Well that's difficult to describe.  Sometimes she is like an office worker.  Then other times she is a counselor, shepherd, gardener, youth worker, artist, cook, speaker, consultant, cheerleader, shepherd, comedian.  Well you get the idea, her job involves so many things, which is great for me cuz I get to experience a lot of different things. But if I had to narrow it down my MOM is a servant and a shepherd.  From my point of view it's a pretty great gig

2. What is your favorite praise & Worship song?

Another tough one. There are so many meaningful and paw clapping good ones.  I'd have to say "Hold Me" by Jamie Grace. It reminds me of me and my MOM and at the same time it's a wonderful song about our relationship with God.  I also like "Jesus Rocks and Rolls my Blues Away". Oh dog you should hear how our church band does it. They play it in this rockin/blues way that will get any dog or peep up and movin' and smilin'.

3. What does sneaky have to say about the serpent in the Garden of Eden?

Oh Sneaky Snake knows the story.  He's a little upset about the whole thing.  He says if that Serpent in the story had behaved himself he would be walking on legs and not eating dust on his belly.   I try not to bring it up to often cuz Sneaky gets a little upset.

4. Tell us what your favorite Bible verse/passage is and what special significance its meaning has in your life.

John 15:5, "I am the vine you are the branches.  Whoever abides with me and I in him [or her], this one brings forth much fruit, because without me, you can do nothing.” I just know that apart from Christ I do not live to my full potential and there is no way I could do, or bare the kind of fruit, that I otherwise could with Jesus.  I also think it is a beautiful example of the relationship we have with our Creator.

5. What is your favorite book of the Bible?

I'd have to say Ephesians for the New Testament and Habakkuk for the Old Testament.

6. What is your relationship status?

Oh I have many relationships, many many.  It's just not right to have one or very few, that would be sad.    I have a relationship with my MOM and her friends and all those peeps at church.  Oh then there are all the relationships I have with my friends like Bert, and Baci, Logan, Murphy (big and little) Stanley, Jamie, Cooper.......  HUH?   Oh, you mean "RELATIONSHIP".  Well I do have a special gal pal.  Her name is Belle.  She is a beautiful Golden, both inside and out.  We have had many backpacking adventures together with our peeps. She is very special to me.

7. What are your favorite treats?

Well they are all pretty good, I gotta tell you. My MOM calls the "yumies". I guess I have two, peas and cherry tomatoes.  I love them fresh out of the garden.  I even pick them myself.  MOM planted my very own plants in big pots on the patio.  But she always shares with me from the big garden.  Oh OH and I love deer jerky.

8. Do you have any dewclaws? If so, how many?

Nope I dew not have any dew claws.

9. How did you get your name?

When I rescued my MOM when I was 6 months old (I'm over 12 now)  I came with the name.  Well actually my full name is Sir King Goose the III.  I came from a long line of Gooses.  My litter mate’s names were Featherless Goose, Lady Goose the III, Flying Goose, among other Goose names.  MOM was not sure if we would keep the name Goose.  But I helped her make the decision to keep it.  When I wanted to get her attention or wanted something or wanted to play I would "Goose" her.  Yep give her, and other peeps, a little goose on the butt with my nose.  hehehhee.

MOM and I were meant to be together, no doubt about that.  While I won't go into all the details I can tell you that I have helped my MOM live.  See sometimes she slips into these things called comas. It's very scary.  She becomes unresponsive and if she does not get help or takes some meds to bring her back to consciousness she would just slip away. That's where I come in.  I can sense when this is happening and I alert her. I have never been trained to do this, I am just that connected to my MOM.  If she is sleeping and it happens I jump up and down on the bed, whine, bark, lick her face, try to pull her out of bed by her hand.  I keep this up until she somehow manages to take the magic medicine to make her OK.  No doubt about it, we were meant to be together.
Thank you for asking me to do this little interview, it was fun.  Now where are those snacks?  I was told there would be snacks.

Hey everyone! Don't forget to submit your photos for the Olympic's Parade of Athletes!!

Today's the last day!
Send 'em to Posie: posiedorgATgmailDOTcom

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday: Book Review & Giveaway, Puddles Interview


I, Ruthie Chief in Editor, was recently contacted by Dr. Allen DeSena about reviewing his novel entitled The Fitzy Resolution. Naturally, I was excited and with enthusiasm told my secretary and mom to say yes. Although Dr. DeSena said he was going to send me a hard copy of the book we went ahead and downloaded the Kindle version to get a head start reading it. I must say that we were immediately drawn into the book! In fact, it was one of the best books we have ever read!

The Fitzy Resolution is about an incredible Yellow Lab named Casey. Casey is a senator in the Central Canine Government and fights for what she believes to be right. At the beginning of the book, Senator Labrador-Casey hears about several Yorkies that have gone missing. This will not be an easy investigation for her since another government official, Beagle-Juniper, is fighting for control and using illegal means to achieve his purpose. Amidst the confusion that Juniper and several other characters are causing lurks the danger of the Fananas (Wolves) and nameless vermin (rats etc.). Will Casey survive the danger and manage to solve the mystery?

In this book you will meet delightful characters such as Cooper the Golden Retriever, Sasha the Siberian Husky and an Irish Wolfhound who is one of the, as referred to by a committee of cats, “ Fanatics”. We also meet the Bulldog Police, The Rat Terrier Squad and The Grey hound Couriers. On the dark side you will meet the legendary fananas (wolves), a sinister Cocker Spaniel, and an Italian Greyhound with big ideas.

This book touches on the sad subject of dog-fighting and my favorite part is when the tortured dogs are avenged.

Throughout the book we are also introduced to several Wilds or stray dogs. The Canine Government and the Wilds do not get along. However, by the end, Casey is introduced to some Wilds and she enacts The Fitzy Resolution for the betterment of all dogs, including strays. Casey will also learn that not all “vermin”are bad and that not all humans are good.

Note from Ruthie's Mom: I wish human government officials were as good and honest as Casey!

This is a great thriller/mystery but the best part is how it is in the view of dogs! Dr. DeSena opens the world of dogs with insight including fantasy and research. Many times throughout the book I looked at Ruthie and thought: So that’s what you have been up to!”

This book is great for the Blogville Community because of the deeper message: Treat your pet as you wish to be treated! This is something we all agree with I am sure! It is important not to let your attention get distracted by the world and technology because your pet will suffer as a result. This book made me think about how I need to spend more time with my pets and less time on the computer, playing video games and watching movies.
I need to take a deeper look at my priorities.

Now because I am so crazy about this book I personally am hosting a give-away for it! Simply leave me a comment and we will randomly choose a winner!
(Winner limited to within the USA)

Now this book is available in paperback and on Kindle! Click HERE to purchase from Amazon! Currently the Kindle price is $0.99 or free to borrow for Prime members and $7.99 for paperback!


We 3 Doxies

Thanks for taking the time to answer a few of my questions Puddles!

Why thank you and it’s good to be heres today.

2. What are your measurements?

Short, long, and perfect

3. What is your favorite pastime besides drinking beer and eating Cheetos?

I likes to hunt!

4. What is your beauty routine?

Is dis a serious question?  Oh Okays I answer it anyways…
Da only beauty stuffs I do is brush my hairs cuz it do be very important to has the mall in da correct places. Don’t wanna look like a furball.

5. Do you ever pee in the house?

Shhhhhh…well sees, I has dis little issue.  I tinkle when I gets excited.
It’s not a pee but a tinkle, there is a big difference ya knows.

6. What do Albert and Whitney call you?

Oh I can’t repeat what they calls me cuz it is a bad word

7. I have heard that you have a train. Please tell us about it!

YES I does has a train and it be very loud but I likes it. Me and brudder tries to chase it when it comes by. But there is a fence so we hasn’t caughted it yet.

8. If you could go anywhere in the world what place would you like to visit?

Duh, Germany…da mudder land from wheres I comed from.

9. What is the Kerazy Lady’s best tip on how to take doggy photos?

Bwhahahahaha…tips really? Nope, her has none cuz I just likes to has my picture taken so I is good when da camera comes out…oh yea, treats work too.

10. If you could buy anything from Petsmart what would it be?

Oh dats easy, I would gets Mayzie a Jenny Pig cuz her has always wanted one but her mom won’t let hers.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wednesday: Interview of a Politician, Ask Finnackles, Tuni Tribute

FRANKly and ERNESTly Speaking
1. Thank you for letting me interview you Mayor Frankie. Now you are quite a celebrity in Blogville. Would you please tell us how you manage to balance your political career and your shining star-ness at the same time?
It is MY pleasure. Well, I don't know about BALANCING it butt I will say that it helps to have a Full Time Secretary here in the Blogville TOWN Hall. She has a THINGY fur POST IT NOTES and Full Size Tablets... that she has FULL of stuffs that I (Frankie Furter) MUST tend to. The Best news is that come NOVEMBER... my TERM as Blogville Mayor... comes to an END... I just HOPE that somebuddy will step up and Run fur the Office.


2. Has Ernie brought blessings or trouble to your career/popularity?
When he was a tiny puppy.... he brought tons of attention and stuffs... butt then he went through those terrible Teen Times... and he was sorta like a Millstone round my neck... butt now he IS coming around a bit, since he will be soon celebratin his FURST Birfday. I hope that he will continue to learn thingys and stuffs. Of course, now that I have given ALL of him to my mom and dad.. he is officially my Little BROTHER, instead of being my very much own Puppy. More FUN and LESS responsibility. THAT helps.

3. How do you feel about your popularity?
{{{BLUSH}}} I don't really think that I am pupular... I think that I just have about 87,000 good furends. I will say this, Every Time I see BLOGVILLE written in somebuddy's blog post... I DO feel a sense of Community Pride... since I (Frankie Furter) am the one who had the honor of giving Blogville its NAME.

4. If you could give advice to a human politician what would it be?
THAT is Easy... Always be FAIR with everybuddy, don't make poops fur anybuddy to step in, BUTT don't let anybuddy pee on you either. And.... Do thingys that are Good fur the Community. Be as Supportive as PAWSible. Always REMEMBER... you are NOT better than anybuddy else.

5. If you could give advice to a human celebrity what would it be?
Give a PAWformance that will please the most number of peeples. If you make a mistake... say SORRY... and then move on. Be Willing to LAFF at YOURSELF. Use your MANNERS.

6. The Olympics are coming up. You and your mom have worked so hard to make it a success.
What events will our rock star mayor be entering?
Being the Committee (of ONE) I can not ACTUALLY Enter ANY of the events...that wouldn't be fair..... BUTT I HAVE been TRAINING (With ERNIE) for EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM. I would not EVER ask somebuddy else to do somethingy that I (Frankie Furter) was not WILLING TO DO, myself. I have always heard that you should do thingys by EXAMPLE.
I would like to say THANK YOU, Ruthie fur inviting me to do this interview. It means a LOT to me. I truly enjoy each edition of the Chronicle.   

Your humble servant,
Frankie Furter


Dear Finnackles, When Ernie and I work TOGETHER to Gut a Stuffie... Who should get to chew up the Squeaker? Ernie ALWAYS thinks that HE should. Butt I think we should SHARE and take TURNS. OR if it is MY stuffie I (Frankie Furter) should get the Squeaker and if it is Ernie's Stuffie.. we should take turns with who gets it. What do you think? 


Dear Frankie,

This is a tough one.  I would look around your house.  Look around your yard.  Do you see any surveillance equipment in use that might record and then jeopardize your position in government?  Do you see any of the papparazzi types lurking in your bushes?  If not, then push Ernie out of the way and go get that squeaker.  Even if the toy is his.  If you think THEY might be WATCHING you, then, you know, you have to do what's proper for someone of your status and political affiliation.  I know, completely unfair.



Winston, from Two Cats and a Pug, has scheduled a community-wide tribute for Tuni. Tuni recently made her way to the Rainbow Bridge. She had a long, happy life but her family and furends miss her greatly.

The tribute will take place on Tuesday July 17th.

In Winston's words:
Tuni was known for her many beds around the house. She luved her beds.

So for her tribute I am posting a picture of myself lounging in my bed.

If you want to pawticipates, It is really easy.

1) All you gotta do is post on your blog or facebook page a picture of you lounging in your bed.
(If you have a snazzy outfit you wanna pose in, put it on. Tuni had many many outfits that she always wore while lounging in her bed.)

2) Post your picture on Tuesday July 17. Include the title "Tuni Tuesday Tribute"
I have chosen Tuesday as this was not only the day of the week she crossed the bridge but, because I want to celebrate her memory of Tuesday Tuni Talk.

Please join us as we honor the memory of one of the sweetest pugs!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday: Ask Finnackles, Dogs Scouts of America


Woof! Hi! I am Echo, a Alaskan Puppy, and there is a girl do next door. She is really nice and playful, and I don't know how to act around her! I like her a lot, and I need you advice!

A confused Puppy,


Hi Echo!

Thanks for writing!!  I understand you've got yourself a pretty lady next door!  This is an exciting time.  Try to get yourself outside for a walkie when she is being walked.  Go up to her and sniff in her ear and ask her to go for a run.  Leave her some peemail in her yard so she can think about you during the day.  I know it is the pits, but maybe take a bath before you go over so you can look your best-get yourself brushed and glowing and make sure you flash her your big pearly whites.  Can you see into her yard form your house?  Maybe give her your best pose in one of the windows where she can see ya!  Ask your peeps if she can come over for a doggie play date.  When she comes over, make sure to have a big bone there for her, or maybe some extra treats or a new toy for her to play with.  Remember to be yourself and I am sure she will be falling for you fast!



Did you know that dogs can become scouts? Yep!

To become a dog scout you have to pass a test that requires the completion of several achievements such as not eating tasty food which is right next to you and being friendly when strangers pet you. When you pass this test you get a "vest" and will be eligible to earn badges to put on it!

However, you human can still join Dog Scouts of America with you and participate in activities even if you are not an official scout.

If a troop is not located near you and you wish to join or become certified you can join the closest troop and attend meetings whenever you can or even not at all! To become certified you simply submit a video of yourself completing the achievements!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday: Ask Finnackles, Independence Day


Dear Finnackles,

My name is Peanuts and my indoor pack is composed of Chooey and Haopee ( the human). We have a potty problem.

I and Chooey share the same potty spot. And although Haopee cleans this diligently, I no longer want to potty where Chooey potties because it used to be my spot. So I pretend to make accidents pottying outside the spot and Haopee would get mad at me because I've "deviated" from perfectly doing it inside the spot to intentionally doing it elsewhere. 

Is it just me or should us doggies not share the same potty area?

Your Fan,

Dear Peanuts,

Thank you for being a fan!!  I am a big fan of your blog too.  I thought about your little situation during my potty breaks these past few days.  In my house, Momma and Pops have a command for me to go.  Honestly, they say "wee wee" to me and I go wee wee.  They say "poops" to me, I go number 2.  I generally go each way in the same place every day, but I don't have to share that spot with another pooch!

I would ask you this - when you go outside of your spot, does your human get real mad?  Does she ignore you?  Does playtime come to an abrupt end and you are brought inside?  I dunno about sharing my spot with another pooch, but when my Momma tells me go, I know she means business, and I go!  Then I get the good treats and the extra playtime and the long long walkies and all the human love.  And that's what I want.  Well, and I want HER to think she is still the boss of me, so I gotta do what she says sometimes. 

I hope this helps buddy!



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