Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday: Lennox, Boxes, Love & YOU!


Today we report the sad and heart-breaking news of Lennox, a Pit Bull/Lab mix that is going to be murdered simple because of his breed.

Two years ago Lennox was seized from his loving family and thrown into a dog "prison" simply because he looked wrong. He never showed aggressive behavior throughout his life but the Northern Ireland Chief Justice announced yesterday that Lennox will be put down. Naturally, this leaves his family heart-broken. One member of his family, a young girl, is no doubt feeling the full weight of such injustice.

Her plea:
A Daughters Plea

Yesterday the Save Lennox Campaign posted:

"Lennox’s Family Will Release A Statement In Due Course Once They Have Had Time To Absorb Today’s Ruling By Chief Justice Girvan. The Family Kindly Ask All Supporters To Remain Calm And Dignified As Always In Their Response To Today’s Sad And Very Wrong Decision By The Northern Ireland Chief Justice."

We are all very heart-broken.

The Troublesome Trio posted this video on their blog. It is so moving we decided to post it too.


Coming soon, our dear friend Finn will be posting a column in the Chronicle. It will be advice for the lovesick.

But it isn't possible without YOU!  Does your heart beat wildly at the sight of another? Do you have any questions? Are you seeking advice?Ask Finn!! Simply click on the link above and leave her a comment! Or you can leave a comment here!


International Box Day is approaching! It is being hosted by Zoolatry and Chronicles of Woos. If you would like to pawticipate in this fun event simply post pictures of you with your boxes on Tuesday the 19th! For more information click on either of the above links.

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  1. No!! This is so wtong. Poor baby. Mommy is crying eyes out. So sad.

  2. This is just so not right. But how do you stop complete ignorance.

  3. Chief Ruthie (not to be confused with Fire CHIEF Bucky), will Finn's Column be an ADVICE to the LOVE WORN column Like that Dear BLABBY in the Peeps Paper??? I think it would be very PUPular fur SURE.

  4. Love this news place. So sorry about the doggie. That really is so wrong. We sure wish there was something we could do.
    Finn, we are looking forward to your column. We sure will be back.

  5. What devastating news to hears bouts Lennox. I likes his family's statememt in spite of da ruling.
    So not fairs.

    I will has to put my thinkin' cap on to ask Finn a question.


  6. We are heartbroken about Lennox. This has been going on for so long! It's just cruel :(

  7. That is so sad! Up here in Anchorage if you are in the military, they won't let you keep pitbulls.
    BK and Echo

  8. Wow, what a wonderful edition of the chronicle! Sad sad sad news about poor pooch and his family. Finn will be a great columnist!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  9. Jam-packed edition and wonderful reporting! Lennox's story makes us so mad at the humans is unjust and wrong!

  10. That is so very sad about Lennox - stupid people!!!

    Thanks for the PR for International Box Day - we do appreciate your support.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. Oh my dog... That is really awful. Poor Lennox... :(

  12. We are crying about Lennox too.
    Very stupid people who are in charge of rules like this,,,,,
    and the words we saw (that we read) said "Burn in Hell", I hope those bad peoples burn forever

  13. What an outrage about Lennox! It's not clear to us from the video whether Lennox has already been murdered or is still on death row. Mama is going to call the British Embassy tomorrow and rant at them. Feel free to join in: 202-588-6500.

    Jed & Abby

  14. We are very upset about what is happening to Lennox. Is there any way his family can get him out of that awful country?

    Jed and Abby thanks for providing the phone # to the British Embassy.